Epilepsy Foundation, Central & South Texas

Address: 10615 Perrin Beitel Road, Suite 602
San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone: (210) 653-5353 Fax: (210) 6535355 Email: sindi@efcst.org Website: http://www.efcst.org/

The Epilepsy Foundation leads the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy.

Epilepsy affects all aspects of a person's life; learning to cope with and manage epilepsy takes a coordinated effort. Founded in 1993, the Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas (EFCST) is a non-profit, charitable agency designated as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. As one of 51 Epilepsy Foundation National Organization affiliates, EFCST covers 79 Texas counties encompassing 89,199 square miles. EFCST is the only organization dedicated to the health and welfare of over 130,000 individuals with epilepsy residing in Central & South Texas.

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