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Phoenix, AZ 85015
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Esperança has been working in the west central Phoenix area since the domestic project’s inception in 1999. Esperança partners with local agencies to provide underserved families with resources, health services, and preventative education. Our focus areas include oral health, nutrition and physical activity education, and helping families access medical services to avoid costly emergency room visits.

Each mission is dedicated to either general surgery or a surgical specialty such as plastic surgery, orthopedic, ophthalmology, pediatric, gynecology, and urology. All operations performed significantly improve quality of life for our patients and in some cases are life-saving. Volunteer surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses come from throughout the U.S., procuring medical supplies for their mission and paying their own travel expenses. Each team travels 1-2 weeks and accomplishes between 40 and 50 surgeries. Training of local health professionals is an important component of our program.

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