Faith In Our Children Support Group

Address: 217 SE Claremont, Apt. C
Lee's Summit, MO 64063
Phone: (816) 347-9356 Email: Website:


Contact: Amie Reeves
"This group is for parents, relatives, and friends who have or know special needs children. To support one another and have fun. We will have playgroups for the children, have luncheons, have moms or parents night out(at times we will have free babysitting), professional speakers, monthly meetings, and much more in the greater Kansas City, MO area.
A little about myself: My name is Amie Reeves, I have a 6 year old son named Christopher Reeves who has autism/adhd (yes his name is after SuperMan except Superman doesn't have an s at the end of his last name)I didn't name him this on purpose I just thought it was a good name. Now I realized that I must have named him that for a reason, my son is my hero. He has changed me for the better. I know that autism is a life long disability but I have high expectations for him, I know that one day he will be independent, he will go to college, get a career, have a family, and live on his own, but he will always be my little boy. We live in Blue Spring's, MO. I am currently going to school to be a R.N."

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