Family Empowerment Council, Inc.

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We assist individuals in achieving their potential through a vast array of services that are accessible and delivered in a compassionate manner. We build trust and nurture relationships by respecting the individual’s and family’s needs, desires, and dreams.

• Through collaboration, listening, and shared decision-making, everyone’s voice is heard.
• We provide a safe forum for open, honest, and respectful dialogue.
• We provide accessibility to needed services and supports 24 hours a day.
• We have ongoing education, advocacy, training, and development that leads to professional, personal, and social enrichment.
• We value and support everyone’s right to make informed choices.
• Our proactive and preventive interventions embrace rehabilitation and recovery and promote stability.




If you have been wondering whether your baby should be sitting up, reaching for things, starting to make sounds, or responding more to sounds around him or her, you may want to speak to your pediatrician about it. You may qualify for Early Intervention. FEC provides EI services in Orange and Sullivan Counties.

Service Coordination is a person-centered program for people with developmental disabilities in Orange County and Sullivan County. Among the disabilities are Traumatic Brain Injury (through the TBI waiver) and Medically fragile children enrolled in the care at home waiver. We are dedicated to helping you with the choices you have a right to make. We can help you find the services that are available, and help you access these services.


Direction's Personal Assistant Program is a program for any individual who resides in Orange or Sullivan County, has Medicaid, needs a personal assistant (as determined by DSS), and is determined to be self-directing.


Connections is an inclusive program within the community which provides a person-centered day plan using community-based supports. Each specialized plan is developed based on the individual's goals interests, and desires, and tailored to meet each individual's needs.


YESS will serve any youth, from birth through 21 years of age, who is legally entitled to a public education. Services range from educational advocacy to mentoring. YESS will work to protect the educational rights of young people in pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school who live in Orange County. In Sullivan County, YESS is funded to serve students with developmental disabilities.


Network is an innovative approach to working with families in Orange County who have a child at risk due to a mental illness and need the help of a variety of services. It is a "family friendly" planning process that concentrates on a family/individual strengths rather than on problems or deficits.


LEARN (Residential Habilitation Services)
LEARN, a res hab program for people with developmental disabilities who live at home in Orange or Sullivan County, is available if you are enrolled in the Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) Waiver and approved for funding through the Hudson Valley DDSO.


FEP is a community-based program established to provide support and assistance to individuals who have developmental disabilities, as well as their families, who are living at home in Orange and Sullivan Counties.


EI Respite is for consumers ages 1 – 3 funded through the Department of Health. Waiver Respite is for consumers ages 4 – adult funded through OMRDD. Respite provides supervision to ensure the safety of the consumer while allowing the parents/ guardians a break from the day to day care of their loved one.


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