Family Hope Center

Address: 2490 Boulevard of the Generals, Suite 250
Norristown, PA 19403
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Has your child been diagnosed with ADD? Dyslexia? Cerebral palsy? Autism? Down’s syndrome ? Another emotional or learning disability? The Family Hope Center is an international organization dedicated to working with (and for) parents of children with special needs. We educate parents using a practical scientific approach, and seek to help parents promote functional improvement in their children in the areas of physiological health, physical structure, sensorimotor abilities, behavior, cognition, and communication. By combining the expertise of clinicians and therapists from multiple fields, we provide parents with an interdisciplinary, complementary, and individualized set of guidelines to address multifaceted difficulties faced by children with developmental disabilities.

Too often children with special needs are defined as a sum of their challenges, and parents have no choice but to follow-along. Families can have a primary role in their child’s development through an effective partnership with the Family Hope Center. Our clinicians and doctors across more than a dozen fields of medicine and therapies have this evidence-based practice to help well over 15,000 Families create better futures for their children.

Was Your Child's CP Preventable?