Family Hope Foundation – MICHIGAN

Address: 7086 8th Avenue
Jenison, MI 49428
Phone: (616) 780-3839 Website:

Family Hope Foundation invests in children with special needs through family support, engaging community experts, advocacy through collaboration, and financial assistance to provide access to therapies.

Family Hope Foundation is an established non-profit organization providing resources, activities, support, and funding for therapies to families of children with special needs in West Michigan. Those needs may be physical, emotional, or developmental.

Our Programs and Resources

Therapy Scholarship Program

We believe when children with special needs get they type of therapy they need, by quality therapists, they thrive. And when the child thrives, the whole family thrives! This is the premise of our Therapy Scholarship Program; a program that addresses a large gap in the system, where there is little financial support and very limited insurance coverage. Learn more about our .

Family Fun Events!

Resources and Information

Advocacy and Education

Was Your Child's CP Preventable?