Family Resources Center on Disabilities

Address: 20 E Jackson Blvd., Room 300
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: (312) 939-3513 Fax: (312) 9397297 Website:

FRCD was organized in 1969 by parents, professionals, and volunteers who sought to improve services for all children with disabilities FRCD answers telephone and mail requests for information, assistance, and support. FRCD has answered more than 200,000 requests for assistance from parents, persons with disabilities, and professionals.

Special Education Rights Seminars: FRCD conducts free seminars on the special education rights of children with disabilities, Interpreters services available (with two weeks notice) for persons with hearing impairments, and on diskette for persons with visual impairments. Trained speakers are available to conduct training activities at meetings and conferences

TDD: (312) 939-3519

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