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Topeka,, KS 66606
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FSGC is a nonprofit community mental health center that has been improving the lives of children in greater Topeka and Northeast Kansas for over 100 years. Our dedicated professionals foster healthier, happier families with a wide range of specialized, quality, affordable services specially tailored to meet their needs.

FSGC offers a wide array of children's mental health services:
Commonly Treated Disorders
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Depressive and Anxiety Disorders
Mood Disorders, such as Bipolar
Eating Disorders
Psychotic Illness
Disruptive Behavior Disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Developmental Disorders, such as Autism and Asperger's

Crisis Services: FSGC Crisis Teams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist families with mental health emergencies. A Crisis Team can help de-escalate highly charged situations, like a child threatening to harm themselves or others, severe and dangerous behavior and parent-child conflict. Services can be administered either at FSGC's office or on-site in the community. The Crisis Team can evaluate the need for hospitalization or other mental health services, help resolve conflicts between parents and child and provide support and interventions. Call: 785.232.5005.

PreSchool Age services: Early Childhood Intervention Program is a comprehensive treatment program for children birth to six years of age who are experiencing difficulties with their emotional or behavioral development. ECIP includes the following:
Full-day therapeutic groups
Half-day therapeutic groups
Kindergarten-aged groups
An array of outpatient services, including individual and family therapy, case management and psychiatric services
Consultation services for daycare providers and preschool teachers in our community

FSGC Preschool Consultation Project: Child-centered consultation and program-centered consultation. Child-centered consultation is initiated by childcare staff as they become concerned about a particular child's problems in social-emotional development. The FSGC consultant observes the child in the daycare or classroom setting and then makes recommendations to the staff and parents.

Program-centered consultation focuses on improving childcare staff's interactions with the children and sensitivity to the needs of all the children in their care. It will also focus on helping Head Start staff gain the skills necessary for assisting the children on their own to develop optimal social-emotional functioning and development.

FSGC's Therapeutic Services include but are not limited to:
Individual, group and family psychotherapy.
Diagnostic evaluations.
Consultation services and service coordination with other community agencies.
Psychological testing.
Treatment and management of depression and stress-related disorders.
Treatment of emotional and behavioral problems of children and adolescents, including Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Post-adoptive individual and family therapy.

Community Based Services:
Targeted Mental Health Case Management
Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment
Mental Health Attendant Care
Psychosocial Treatment Group
Waiver Services Include:
Attendant Care
Parent Support
Wraparound Facilitation
Respite Care
Professional Resource Family Care

OASIS: (Our Actions Show I'm a Star) : For Kindergarten age children who have difficulty succeeding for a full day in the classroom. During the school year, children will attend Kindergarten half of the day, OASIS the other half, and our staff will work with your child's school in a cooperative effort to meet his or her developmental and emotional needs.
Help is offered in the following important areas:
Peer Relationships
Paying Attention
Appropriate Emotional Expression

School Age Services:

Youth Development Center (YDC): A psychosocial group treatment program for children aged 6 through 17. Treatment for the child occurs during the day, allowing the child to return home in the evening. Treatment plans are created for each child based on a clinical assessment and the expressed needs of the family. This plan may include other services, like family therapy, individual therapy, case management, psychological assessment and medication management.

PEACE Keepers Program – Practicing Effective Approaches to Conflict Everyday: A semester-long program that targets children displaying antisocial behaviors in the classroom. By developing coping and problem-solving skills, the program offers children the opportunity to connect to their schools and communities through nonviolent, proactive approaches to conflict and appropriate expression of emotions. Through highly-interactive, "hands-on" activities and one-on-one mentoring sessions with a trained PEACE Mentor, this innovative program manages to reach children wherever they may be, both developmentally and academically, increasing participation and comprehension.

PEACE Keepers groups meet twice a week for 45 minutes on-site at their school. Groups are led by FSGC staff called "PEACE Mentors" and are important to the violence prevention strategy because they involve building teamwork skills and allow for group interaction in a safe and structured setting.

Center for Learning Disorders: Works with children and adults to assess and diagnose their unique learning problems and provides specific recommendations to access services needed for each individual's success. The staff includes a team of experienced educational psychologists and learning disabilities specialists who provide educational, diagnostic and consultation services at the local and national level for a broad range of learning disorders.
The Center Offers:
Educational evaluation, diagnosis and consultation in the following areas:
Learning Disabilities
Developmental Disorders
Nonverbal Learning Disorders
Asperger Syndrome
Kindergarten Readiness

In-Service Programs for Schools
Professional Workshops
Teacher Training in Multisensory Reading and Written Language
Teacher training in emerging literacy strategies for Preschool Disabilities

Consultation Services for:
Families and Individuals
Other Professionals

Individual Education Plan (IEP) Consultation
Classroom Accommodations and Curriculum Modifications
Consultation concerning educational needs of students with Asperger Syndrome

Family Support Groups: Family Service & Guidance Center's parent support and training service provides both individual and group support and education. You will learn what treatments and supports are available for your child's needs. Group curriculum includes ways to advocate effectively for your child in school, interpreting national laws designed to support individuals with mental disabilities and how to request services for your child's mental health needs, as well as effective parenting techniques. Most importantly, caregivers will learn ways to show empathy to a child or adolescent experiencing a mental illness. Groups meet twice a month at FSGC. Childcare and a light meal are available. Referrals can be made through your child's FSGC targeted case manager. Individual parent support sessions are available to address specific family needs.


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