Family Speech Center

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Flushing,, NY 11358
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The Family Speech Center is an outpatient center that helps individuals with disabilities gain one of the greatest gifts of all…the ability to communicate.


Speech – Language Evaluation – Skills are carefully evaluated via review of the developmental historym clinical observation and standardizedtesteing. Assessment procedures depend on the age of the client, very small children are assessed in an informal play-bassed enviornment.

Speech – Language Treatment – Onve the communication difficulties are assessed and identified, our speech-language pathologists develop and implement a therapy plan individualized to meet the clients needs. Our staff has experience with many types of communication disorderse including:
Language Delay
Articualtion Phonological Disorders
Oral Motor Disorders
Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorders
Language Learning Disabilities
Audatory/Language Processing Deficiencies
Weak Vocabulary Skills
Word Retrieval Disorders
Poor Written Language Skills

Educational Services:
The Wilson Reading System – A research based reading and writing program. It is a ten part lesson plan which progresses from easier to more challenging tasks to strengthen and address the following areas:
Phonic Segmentation
Alphabetic Principle – sound/symbol relationships
Encoding (spelling)
Advanced Word Analysis
Vocabulary Development
Sight Word Instruction
Comprehension and Visualization
Billingual – Wilson is also used with ESL students who have sufficient oral English skills yet lack understanding of the written language system.

Fast ForWord- This accelerated computer-based program has been designed to help develop cognitive skills essential for reading and learning effectively. Theprogram engages in excercies that are highly motivational that can help children achive acaemic success. Fast ForWord products delevop skills in the areas of memory, attention, processing and sequencing. Improvement in these areas strengthen reading skills for struggling readers.

Occupational Therapy Services – Treatment for children with Developmental Delays and Fine Motor or Gross Motor Problems:
SI (Sensory Integration) Treatment
Yoga Therapy
Handwriting WIthout Tears – (Handwriting Class)
Educational Services


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