Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology – FAAST, Inc

Address: 3333 West Pensacola Street, Building 100, Suite 140
Tallahasee, FL 32304
Phone: (850) 487-3278 Fax: (850) 5754216 Email: faast@faast.org Website: http://www.faast.org/

FAAST, Inc provides Assistive Technology Loans, Regional Assistive Technology Demonstrations, Housing Resources, list of AT providers,  information on the The New Horizon Loan Program and more.


The New Horizon Loan Program offers financial loans for the purchase of assistive technology. The program provides credit opportunities to qualified borrowers while purchasing equipment and items that will improve their overall quality of life. For more information, contact Melanie Quinton at 850-487-3278 ext. 107.

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