Florida Comprehensive Epilepsy and Seizure Disorder Center

Address: 3000 E Fletcher Avenue, Suite 250
Tampa, FL 33613
Phone: (813) 903-9200 Fax: (813) 9039225 Email: nmeame@floridaepilepsy.com Website: http://floridaepilepsy.com/

We are a comprehensive epilepsy center offering all aspects of epilepsy care. We specialize in individual care, emphasizing an individual approach to every patient, carefully considering ALL aspects of the patients' lives. Our motto is Seizure Free, Side Effect Free, Improved Quality of Life, which is our goal for each and every patient.

Specialized care is offered for every sub-group of epilepsy patients: infants, children with epilepsy, students, young adults, working adults, females of reproductive age, special needs patients, patients with cognitive problems, mature patients (older than 60 years of age) Diagnosis, social services, driving counseling, pregnancy counseling, rehabilitation services, neuropsychological evaluation, surgical intervention, Vagus Nerve Stimulator evaluation and placement are available to all patients.

Emergency: (813) 274-9022

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