Florida Institute for Family Involvement

Address: 3927 Spring Creek Highway
Crawfordville, FL 32327
Phone: (850) 926-3514 Fax: (324) 3586542 Email: lphillips@fifionline.org


"Florida Institute for Family Involvement is a not for profit organization in Florida which is primarily concerned with improving and supporting the involvement of families and consumers in the development of care systems that are family orientated and based within the local community.
They act as a resource center for a range of services and information, including help with training to enable people to understand their options and make sound decisions about the services they choose. This is achieved through working closely in partnership with a range of federal, state and private organizations. In its focus on families with children with special needs, FIFI is concerned with some of Florida’s most vulnerable people. They provide an essential conduit between families and the people who make the policies that affect them, always representing the needs of those in that community."

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