Fort Collins Neurology, P.C.

Address: 2121 East Harmony Road, Suite 270
Fort Collins, CO 80528
Phone: (970) 221-1993 Fax: (970) 2219170 Website:

Our physicians have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders and conditions; this includes diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. We are dedicated to offering thorough, state-of-the art, compassionate treatment with the least-invasive and most promising solutions available.

We specialize in both Adult and Pediatric neurology including:

Neck and Back Pain
Multiple Sclerosis
Head Injury
Migraine and other types of headache
Chronic Pain Management
Brain Tumors
Parkinson's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease
Electromyography (EMG)
Vagus Nerve Stimulators
Electroencephalography (EEG)
Botox Injections

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