Fort Hall Elementary School

Address: Rt. 6, PO Box 430
Ft. Hall, ID 83203
Phone: (208) 237-2207 Fax: (208) 2379402 Email: Website:

Fort Hall Elementary is located 13 miles south of Blackfoot on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, and has a Family Technology Center that serves approximately 1700 students.

Fort Hall Elementary students experience learning in an environment conducive to the development of a lifelong thirst for knowledge. Innovative approaches are utilized to help students achieve personal, academic, and social growth. A balanced curriculum integrated with science, and technology enables the students to acquire skills to realize their educational potential. Our teachers, students and parents work as partners in education through communication, involvement, and encouragement. Fort Hall Elementary provides a safe and nurturing environment. Computer technology is emphasized in all buildings. Music and physical education classes are part of the regular curriculum.

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