Foundation for Blind Children

Address: 1235 E Harmont Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: (602) 331-1470 Fax: (602) 6785803 Website:


"As the only agency of its kind in Arizona, the Foundation for Blind Children is an essential resource to families and children with blindness or low vision. Without FBC, blind children would not get the opportunities that should be available to every child – to learn, play sports, participate fully in the world around them and become successful, productive adults.
The Foundation for Blind Children provides a comprehensive system of services, which optimizes the blind, or visually-impaired child's development and offers many opportunities to lead a meaningful and productive life–starting with infancy, through preschool, elementary and secondary education throughout college and adulthood. Many of our children graduate from college, pursue successful careers and lead lives filled with enriching possibilities.
We change lives at any age. Our wide range of services and programs that assist students from infancy through adulthood include: 
Age 0+ — Low Vision Clinic; Adjustment to blindness counseling
Ages 0-3 — Early Intervention; Infant Program
Ages 3-5 — Preschool
Ages 5-10 — Kindergarten through 4th Grade
Age 7+ — Teachers of the Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility in local schools
Age 7+ — Braille and Large Print Services
Ages 7-21 — Sports, Habilitation, Arts and Recreation Program (SHARP);
Ages 18-21 — Independent Living Program; College Prep
Age 18+ — Adult Transition Services; Assistive Technology Training"

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