Friendship Adventures

Address: 9805 NE 116th Street, PMB #A185
Kirkland, WA 98034
Phone: (360) 668-3840 Email: Website:


"Friendship Adventures is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities via recreational, educational and leisure opportunities. We pride ourselves in providing a safe, supervised and engaging environment for our participants and strive to build their socialization skills and confidence. The organization was founded in 2004 by Maureen Browning. It all started with a Saturday evening dance for a group of very special people… a twirl here, a twirl there, a two step now and again, an Elvis impersonator to top it all off. From there, the concept grew … why not provide recreational opportunities to people with developmental disabilities who might not otherwise have the chance to meet, socialize, laugh and grow together? As so momentum began to gather and soon, supported by their families and loved ones, special needs friends came together for bowling, parties, cruises, sports events, leisure travel, and many other exciting memories. Out of this love and laughter grew Friendship Adventures.
Recreation: Recreational activities provide much needed socialization opportunities—building friendships, confidence and inter-personal skills via events such as BBQs, dances and sporting events.
Education: We not only focus on the education of special needs citizens through activities such as inter-active museum visits and exposure to various cultures, but on raising the awareness and knowledge base of special needs families as well.
Leisure: By providing leisure travel opportunities such as day trips, camping trips and more, we promote the independence of our participants."

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