Frontier Therapy Services – Anchorage ALASKA

Address: 2421 E. Tudor Rd, Ste. 103
Anchorage, AK 99507
Phone: (907) 646-9774 Email: Website:

Frontier Physical Therapy offers the latest technologies and evidence–based therapies. By being a small, local, privately owned clinic, we are able to provide you with a higher quality of care. Below is a list of some but not all of our service

Evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and sports injuries
* Post-surgical rehabilitation programs
* Spinal / Core stabilization
* Manual therapy interventions, including but not limited to joint mobilizations, myofascial release techniques and soft tissue mobilization techniques
* Functional therapeutic exercise programs
* Biomechanical assessment
* Balance and proprioception training
* Gait analysis
* Orthotic evaluation and fabrication

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