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GED Preparation Programs & Testing Centers:
Preparation programs offer instruction aimed at successful completion of the GED Tests. For more specific information about what each program offers, contact the program directly. Many of these programs, in addition to providing GED instruction, offers Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, and other adult education and family literacy services.

GED Testing is conducted under secure conditions at official GED Testing Centers. Testing Centers are approved by the National GED Testing Service and the State GED Testing Office, monitored by the State GED Administrator, and staffed by approved qualified examiners.GED Testing is not conducted or available through correspondence or the Internet. Valid GED testing is available only through official GED Testing Centers.

GED Records:
Two kinds of official records are available to persons who have tested and / or received a Kansas State high school diploma: transcripts and duplicate diplomas. Both are official documents and bear the State Seal. To obtain a transcript and / or duplicate diploma, submit either a completed GED Request Form or a written request containing the following information:
Name at the time the test was taken and current name, if different
Date of birth
Social Security Number
Current phone number
Where and when the GED Tests were taken



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