George N. Hunt Campus School – St. Mary’s Home for Children

Address: 420 Fruit Hill Avenue
North Providence, RI 02911-2647
Phone: (401) 353-3900 Fax: (401) 3547986 Email: Website:

Robert Picerelli – Education Director

The George N. Hunt Campus School was established in 1982 for residential and day students with learning and behavior disorders, including ADD and ADHD, who have failed to succeed in their public schools. The School provides a highly structured, innovative learning environment with individualized programs designed to enhance each child's ability to learn. Individual and group therapy are included in the school day; an after-school program is also available for day students. The School has a highly structured program offering special education and therapeutic services to boys aged 6-14 and girls aged 6-18. Students are provided with a safe, comfortable environment where academic and social experiences can increase their sense of competency and self-esteem. The small student-to-teacher ratio facilitates positive academic and social growth and enables the students to learn under conditions which promote trust, understanding, acceptance, and most of all, respect. The School is organized into ungraded classrooms with each child being placed in the classroom that best meets his/her academic needs. An Individualized Learning Program  is designed for every child. This ILP includes goals from each discipline to provide a well-structured program for our students. In addition to a full academic program, health, music, physical education and art are taught by certified instructors. Speech/language therapy and other related services are available for those students requiring this assistance.

Education Director: (401)353-3900

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