Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities

Address: 2 Peachtree St. NW, Suite 26-246
Atlanta, GA 30303-3142
Phone: (404) 657-2126 Fax: (404) 6572132 Email: Website:

The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities is a federally funded, independent state agency that serves as a leading catalyst for systems change for individuals and families living with developmental disabilities. Through public policy initiatives, advocacy programs and community building, GCDD promotes and creates opportunities to enable persons with disabilities to live, work, play and worship as an integral part of society.

The GCDD works with legislators and advocacy groups to influence and support public policy that fosters a positive change in the way education, housing, workplace/careers and community living opportunities are made available to persons with developmental disabilities

Although GCDD does not provide services directly to the public, we hope RESOURCES section assists you in your efforts to search and identify the best resources available for your needs.

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