Georgia Matthews Elementary School

Address: 111 E. Johnson
Garden City, KS 67846
Phone: (620) 805-7550 Website:

Georgia Matthews Elementary School serves grades K-4 in Garden City, Kansas. We believe:

•All students will learn.
•High expectations are essential to high achievement.
•All individuals have dignity and shall be treated accordingly.
•Trust, respect and communication must exist for success.
•Learning prospers in a safe and orderly environment.
•Quality teachers are critical to quality learning.
•Diversity of our population is a strength.
•Excellence in education requires the active support, investment and commitment of our total community.
•Educational success is a shared responsibility of the student, the parent, the school and the community.
•Instructional decisions are data driven.
•School is a total learning community where anyone can learn anything, any time, any place.


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