Gompers Habilitation Center

Address: 6601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85017
Phone: (602) 336-0061 Fax: (602) 3360249 Email: mjacoby@gomperscenter.org Website: http://www.gomperscenter.org

"Gompers Habilitation Center offers professionally organized programs that wholly support the very special needs of the individuals we serve.

Private Day School
Our Special Education Day School offers students with developmental disabilities, ages 5 through 22, grades K-12, a dynamic learning environment in which to excel. We have an ever increasing array of instructional and assistive technology available for our students. Every day, our dedicated staff special education Teachers, therapists and a variety of support staff works towards improving educational outcomes for our students.

Day Training for Adults Program
With an emphasis on social interaction, independence and pre-vocational skill building (including a comprehensive volunteerism program), our Day Training for Adults program serves more than 200 individuals daily in nine program rooms.  In addition, Gompers is proud to offer our Premier Program which serves individuals over the age of 50 in a relaxed and fun environment that encourages participation and social interaction.
Vocational Program
Our Vocational Program offers an on-site industrial training center, enclave opportunities, community placement and various other work-related experiences for individuals seeking opportunities for growth and the chance to earn a steady paycheck.
Therapy Program
In the Private Day School we provide Occupational, Physical and/or Speech Therapy to our students in order for them to benefit from the special education they are receiving. The adult clients receive these services to enhance their communication skills, independence and overall well-being. Gompers program is also involved in a wide variety of Special Olympics events.
Gompers fleet includes more than 40 specially equipped vans utilized to transport in excess of 220 students and clients to and from Gompers every day."

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