Governor’s State Rehabilitation Advisory Council

Address: 1789 W Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85005-3202
Phone: (602) 542-6291 Website:

"Mission Statement:

Serving all citizens of Arizona, the mission of the Arizona Governors State Rehabilitation Council is to advise, evaluate, and partner with the public vocational rehabilitation program in support of improving access to employment and promoting a diverse workforce statewide.
Vision: The Arizona Governor's State Rehabilitation Council envisions a statewide workforce that values disability and diversity, and is committed to full participation of its citizens.
Operating Principles:
Serve as an ally to the public vocational rehabilitation program in structuring and conducting business in ways that reflect the social, political, historical and economical experiences of disability
Collaborate with state and other non-government agencies to promote meaningful and sustainable employment for everyone.
Foster a broad definition of diversity that honors and appreciates disability alongside race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and religion as an integral part of human experience
Promote disability discourse, awareness and involvement; Honor disability culture and pride"

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