Great Lakes Loan Closet

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Kalamazoo, MI 49019
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Welcome to Great Lakes Loan Closets, operated by Michigan Loan Closets, Inc. This website is designed to help you find free or low-cost home medical equipment in your community. To find resources in your area, simply click on your county at the bottom of this page.

A list of organizations and their programs will appear. Local programs will appear first, followed by state programs and national programs. We have also included some ramp programs. All of the organizations have been contacted to make sure the information is correct. We will continue to search for other organizations, and will add them to the website as quickly as possible. We update this website throughout the year.

Our Mission
The mission of Great Lakes Loan Closets (Michigan Loan Closets, Inc.) is to provide a directory of loan closets and other resources for people who need medical equipment, but are unable to afford it. Loan closets loan medical equipment to people for free, or at low-cost. We also work to raise awareness of loan closets as both a resource for those who need this equipment, and as places where people may donate their no longer needed equipment.

What’s a Loan Closet?
Loan Closets, also known as medical equipment loaning programs, lend home medical equipment to those in need. Most programs receive their equipment from individuals who have acquired the equipment and no longer need it. By donating their equipment to a loan closet, they are helping their neighbors who may not be able to afford the equipment. Loan closets typically have durable medical equipment (DME) such as wheelchairs, shower chairs, bedside commodes, walkers, crutches, canes, and high-rise toilet seats. Some may have hospital beds or electric wheelchairs available too. Each loan closet is unique, with its own set of eligibility requirements, equipment, and loan period.

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