Guthrie Rite Care Language Clinic

Address: 900 E Oklahoma
Guthrie, OK 73044-0070
Phone: (405) 282-6484 Email: Website:


"The clinic provides the following services to children between the ages of 3-10.
Speech, Language and Reading Evaluations, including testing for dyslexia: 
Testing is usually completed during one 4-5 hour session. Following the evaluation, the examiner discusses the results and makes recommendations and referrals as necessary. A written report follows in about 2-3 weeks. If you reside in central or western Oklahoma, these services are available for your child.
Speech Language and Reading Therapy:
The Guthrie Clinic offers speech, language and reading therapy to those children who have a documented need based on testing. Most therapy is individualized and each child is seen weekly. Our clients generally reside in Guthrie or in communities one hour or less from our facility.
Special Needs Services:
The clinic reserves 25% of its caseload for special needs clients. Children with autism, mental retardation, severe hearing loss are eligible to receive these services.
These services are provided by licensed and certified speech pathologists.
Hearing Screenings & Evaluations for all ages
The clinic houses a sound proof booth and can assess the hearing of children and adults. Jeri Mills, M.S., C.C.C. Aud, is a licensed and certified audiologist providing these services one day per month. Hearing screenings are available during the remainder of each month."

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