Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services

Address: 1520 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45206-1747
Phone: (513) 794-3300 Fax: (513) 5596600 Email: Contactus@hamiltondds.org Website: http://www.hamiltondds.org

Our Mission: Supporting people with disabilities and their families to achieve what is important to them.
Our Vision: We are working with people who have disabilities, their families, people who provide support services, and other citizens of Hamilton County to build a future in which people with disabilities are able to say what services they want and get them; learn skills that lead to good jobs and better lives; have networks of friends and family who care about them; have well-trained staff who listen and offer help in planning for the future; are safe, healthy, involved members of their communities.

Important Contacts:
Early Intervention Contacts: http://hamiltondds.org/services/children/early-intervention
Service Facilitators Locations / Contacts: http://hamiltondds.org/contact/by-department/community-services-3
Adult Center Locations: http://hamiltondds.org/services/adult/adult-centers
Agency Operated / Satellite School Locations: http://hamiltondds.org/services/children/school-age-program
Teacher Contacts: http://www.hamiltondds.org/Contact/Teachers.aspx

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