Hasbro Children’s Hospital

Address: 593 Eddy Street
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: (401) 444-4000 Email: webteam@lifespan.org Website: https://www.hasbrochildrenshospital.org/

When you come to Hasbro Children's Hospital, you can see immediately that it is like no other hospital. Hasbro Children's Hospital was designed not only by architects, but also by doctors, nurses and support staff—and by the community. People came together for the dream that was Hasbro Children's—and today, the dream is realized in a hospital that is a child friendly place, with lively and colorful murals, with its own zoo, and with lots of programs that help reassure and soothe children. Most importantly, though, it is a place of healing. The most vital part of that dream was the creation of a place that brought together world-class experts, the latest technology and innovative research—all focused on children. In the years since the opening of Hasbro Children's Hospital, we have built a network of pediatric services to address the common and uncommon health care needs of children. Some of the best pediatric medical professionals in the country work at Hasbro Children's Hospital, but what truly makes us different is how we work together. Our culture facilitates open communication, responsive collaboration and a drive for achievement. We come together as an expert, caring, and collaborative health care team on behalf of each child with the single goal of giving him or her a better, healthier tomorrow. We are proud to have an integrated team of experts who are bound by the shared commitment to place each child at the center of our circle of care. By doing so, we have created one of the nation's top-ranked pediatric facilities. By doing so, we have created a place where healing happens, every day, in thousands of ways. At Hasbro Children’s Hospital, we offer 40 specialty practice areas, and unique programs to help our patients and families navigate typical childhood illnesses as well as the most complex medical conditions. From preventive primary care to diabetes management, from cancer to cardiac care, from orthopedics to neurology, from surgery to rehabilitation – our team provides every child with expert, comprehensive and compassionate care.

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