Hawthorne Elementary School

Address: 2401 W. Targee Street
Boise, ID 83705
Phone: (208) 854-5000 Fax: (208) 854-5001 Email: Beverly.Boyd@boiseschools.org Website: http://hawthorne.boiseschools.org/

School Mission

Boise School District states its purpose as "Education Today for a Better Tomorrow."  

Hawthorne's goal is to continue fostering academic excellence through collaborative efforts of staff, parents, volunteers, and students.  Our school will be a neighborhood center that provides a sense of community, safety, stability, and resources for many family needs.  We are committed to guiding and inspiring students to become productive and valued members of our community.  Our goal is to help students realize their potential and to establish a solid foundation for their futures.  The Hawthorne staff will continue to demonstrate their commitment to every student through the exploration of new approaches to teaching, personal growth, and dedication beyond the classroom.

Hawthorne School has served in various shapes and sizes on different sites. The original Hawthorne, built in the late 1880's, began as a two room school near the corner of Mobley Drive and Warm Springs Avenue, in what is now East Boise. This building was removed and another partially constructed before annexation to the Boise District in 1907. The replacement building was abandoned in 1932 and the land reverted back to the Coston Estate.

From 1932 to 1951 there was no Hawthorne School in the District. In 1951, with the growth of subdivisions just south of Overland Road and north of Victory Road, a new school was needed. Fourteen World War Two barracks were converted to classrooms and moved onto a site on the corner of Vista Avenue and Targee. Four years later, plans were drawn for an 18 room school building to be placed on the east side of the present site.  Today Hawthorne is an 18 room school with a multipurpose room, library and office complex. The school has a large play area.


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