Healing Winds Therapeutic Riding Center

Address: 12414 NE 212th Avenue
Brush Prairie, WA 98606
Phone: (360) 254-5387 Email: Gogoomba@aol.com Website: http://www.healingwinds.org/

Our mission is to promote the physical and mental development of individuals with disabilities through equine activities. Crosswinds Stables is involved with Healing Winds, Inc. A Therapeutic Riding Center. We Have been involved in this program since 1989. Therapeutic riding is a combination of physical therapy, riding lessons, relaxation and play time. This type of therapy is now being recognized in the medical community, due to the outstanding improvement in the children exposed to therapeutic riding. Healing Winds, Inc. A Therapeutic Riding Center is a member of NARHA–North American Riding For The Handicapped Association Also a Provider For The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). At Healing Winds, Inc., we have children riding who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, MS, CIDP, cerebral palsy, autism, Spina Bifida, hearing impairment and Rett Syndrome. Therapeutic horseback riding began in Europe over 50 years ago. It grew from a spark of intuitive wisdom in a few dedicated equestrians, into an established treatment method, now widely recognized by the medical, psychiatric, and social service professions worldwide.  In the United States 650 centers are monitored by the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA), a non-profit service organization dedicated to promoting horseback riding for the handicapped. Crosswinds Stables is one of a kind in the Clark County area. We are the only stable that provides therapeutic riding. Therapeutic riding is the combinations of physical therapy, riding lessons, relaxation time and play time. Therapeutic riding is now being recognized in the  medical community because of its outstanding results. It has been featured on "Pax TV's Miracle Pets", "Animal Planet", and "Amazing Animals". Children and adults with cerebral palsy, MS, MD, hearing impairment, ADD, ADHD, Spina Bifida and undiagnosed have come to Healing Winds, Inc. A Therapeutic Riding Center. Through their riding therapy they have all shown vast improvements of their own. Therapeutic riding is not covered by health insurance. To help keep the costs down we ask our community for donations or sponsorships. These funds will go for facility upkeep, grain, alfalfa, grass hay and more safety equipment. The children are worth it as the results prove.

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