Health Center, Hodgeman County (KS)

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Jetmore,, KS 67854-0367
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Hodgeman County Health Center is a small town facility with emphasis on complete care.

Mission Statement: To provide quality health care in a caring environment, wherein the healing of the whole person can take place through treatment which manifests a deep respect for human life.

Services include but are not limited to:

Hodgeman County Health Center:

Acute Care:
The Nursing Department is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week. There is always a Registered Nurse on duty with the help of at least one Licensed Practical Nurse or Certified Nurse Aide. The care is given in a caring and understanding manner to all patients. This allows you, the patient, to be cared for as a whole person, not just a case or number.

Emergency Room:
The Emergency Room, located in the Acute Care Wing of Hodgeman County Health Center was modernized and rededicated in 2005 and can handle more patients with greater speed and efficiency. This unit is always available for medical emergencies, however, if our facility is unable to handle the seriousness of a case, we have the ability to transport a patient by ground or air ambulance.

Diagnostic Services:
This department combines the traditional Laboratory and Radiology services. The department is able to obtain and process most tests ordered by your physician (bloodwork, etc.). Less common test specimens are collected and sent by courier to the nearest lab facility capable of handling them, and the results will be returned to your physician. The department is able to perform CT scans on-site as needed, MRI tests are available on-site on a weekly basis. A new Cardiac Stress Test system enables the staff to perform cardiac evaluations at the facility. Mammograms are available on a bi-weekly basis. Sonogram studies are available twice weekly and in case of emergencies. Routine x-rays are done as needed. Trained personnel are on-call and available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Surgical procedures are available at HCHC on a scheduled basis. Your physician will call the hospital and the case will be set up on the next available day. We normally do surgical cases once a week. Cases can be done using either local or general anesthesia. We give personal attention to each patient and their family members.

Physical Therapy:
HCHC offers a full-service physical therapy department staffed by a Certified Physical Therapist Assistant Monday through Friday. A Registered Physical Therapist is in-house once a week. There is a wide range of modalities that can be ordered by your physician, including an initial evaluation. These range from exercises, hot/cold therapy, paraffin, and teaching home exercise routines.

Cardiac Rehabilitation:
HCHC has a Cardiac Rehabilitation Department linked to the Hays Heart Center. We have a Registered Nurse in the exercise area who directs the programmed activity while monitoring the patient's heart activity. This allows the patient to increase cardiac endurance under medical supervision. The rehab is located in the Physical Therapy Department.

Wellness Center:
The Wellness Center, located in HCHC's Physical Therapy Department, is a community-centered fitness facility open to anyone who joins the program. A variety of fitness equipment is available for use to members. We have a staff who will assist you in starting a fitness program suited to your needs.

HCHC Long Term Care Center:
Offers a home-like atmosphere for the care of family members who can no longer care for themselves on a daily basis. There are planed activities, many of which include family members if they decide to 'join in.' Participation in the Wellness Program is also available. Attractive and varied meals are served in a separate dining room from a menu that is served in the main dining area. Medications are delivered to each resident as ordered by their health care practitioner. Personal laundry service is available, and we have a hairstylist who comes in on a regular basis.

O'Shea Memorial Clinic:
Located across the street from Hodgeman County Health Center, is a medical clinic offering quality family health care. R. Alan Snodgrass, M.D., Chief of Staff of HCHC, specializing in family practice, has his office at O'Shea. Assisting Dr. Snodgrass is Nurse Practitioner Sally Kreger, A.R.N.P., and a caring staff of healthcare professionals. The Clinic also offers chiropractic services provided by Riverside Chiropractic associates Drs. Brennan Uehling and James Phillips. Dr. Uehling is available three times a week to see patients.

Bramley Place:
A retirement community dedicated to making retirement living independent and enjoyable. Located to the west of Hodgeman County Health Center's main building, the complex offers one- and two- bedroom units with individual entrances. Other amenities include a clubhouse and landscaped courtyard, single car garages, fully equipped kitchens, private bathrooms adjoining the bedroom, 24-hour emergency call system, bi-weekly housekeeping, and noon meals. Hodgeman County Health Center is responsible for the development and property management, insuring ownership will remain in the community.


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