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Heartspring is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission, in partnership with parents, professionals and the community, is to help children with special needs grow and learn on a path to a more independent life.


The Heartspring School:
Heartspring's Functional Academic Curriculum- Designed to teach skills which allow each student to succeed in real-life situations at home, school, work and in the community. Our functional academic curriculum involves components such as math and reading, specifically adapted to each student's disability and functional outcome needs. Reading Skills may include identifying important safety signs for one student, while another may focus on reading for enjoyment and recreation (books, magazines and newspapers) Similarly, teaching and learning math skills may focus on including telling time for one student, and counting money for another. Each student's functional academic curriculum is based on the student's individual and specific outcome needs.

We also provide general academic curriculum instruction, based on state standards, for students who are capable of traditional curriculum requirements but are otherwise developmentally challenged.

The Heartspring Workshop Training Program:
Helps students prepare for possible future employment. Our goal is to educate students to work independently while enhancing multiple skills. The Workshop Training Program has been helping prepare students since 2003, obtaining donated tasks from area businesses to complete. For questions or to inquire about donating a task, contact Cheryl O’Brien, workshop training program coordinator, 316.634.8882.

Community of Autism Resources and Education (CARE):
The vision of Heartspring's CARE Program is to meet the unique needs of families by providing resources and services within a community of collaboration centered on autism spectrum disorders. We believe that all individuals with autism spectrum disorders deserve and require evidence-based interventions and services that will allow them to reach their potential and participate as fully as possible in family, school and community life. At the same time, we recognize that such interventions and services must be cost effective so that parents can maximize the limited funding available and access the services available for their child.

SSTAR Scouts:
Scouts will participate in various “scout” activities that will target specific areas of deficits related to autism spectrum disorders. SSTAR Scouts provides individuals the opportunity to work together on many projects that ultimately results in sustained social connections within their home and community. While many of the Scouts might have very intense and limited areas of interests, our goal is to expand those areas of interest while increasing social opportunities and success throughout their daily lives. Individuals will be working towards accomplishing goals outlined to target specific areas of deficit such as; social/emotional skills, higher executive functioning skills and organizational skills. Within the SSTAR Scout program, creative and innovative projects will allow all individuals to make positive connections within their community. The vision of SSTAR Scouts is to provide a structured, fun and safe learning environment with opportunities for the Scouts to acquire and learn new skills.

Heartspring Pediatric Services:
Helps children from birth to adolescence. Our therapists, psychologists and audiologists work together to assess the unique needs of each child and provide comprehensive therapies to ensure every child has a chance to succeed. At Heartspring, we believe in the power of early intervention. Through community outreach and free developmental screenings, families have access to Heartspring’s professional staff including audiologists, psychologists, and physical, speech and occupational therapists. Our specialists can address many concerns parents have about their child’s development.

Heartspring KidCheck:
For any family with a child between the ages of birth to five years who may be concerned about their child’s development. Knowing the milestones that measure your child’s growth can be overwhelming. Growth is normally assessed in height and weight, but what about how he plays, learns, speaks and acts? Delays in any of these areas can be a cause for concern. Fortunately, early intervention of developmental delays can increase your child’s success in school and beyond.

A free developmental screening process, KidCheck is provided by Heartspring Pediatric Services. Through the KidCheck Process, children are evaluated in areas of development such as hearing, communication, fine motor, gross motor, problem solving, personal-social and behavioral skills.


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