Helping Hands Healing Hooves, Inc.

Address: 1971 Granville Road
Cedarburg, WI 53012-9739
Phone: (262) 689-5677 Email: Website:

Contact: Debra Goelz

HHH works with individual clients, whether challenged by cerebral palsy, spina bifida, sight and hearing deficit, paraplegia, autism or developmental and learning disabilities. Each week riders, our clients, come to the Black Star Farm in Cedarburg WI for their one-hour riding lesson which includes: participating in grooming, tacking the horse with the saddle and bridle, riding the horse and activities, as well as unsaddling the horse and providing well-deserved treats at the end of each lesson. While riding the horse they join in a variety of learning skills that include spelling, phonics, math, colors, shapes etc. Every rider takes pride in the care and love they provide to the horse each week. Our instructors emphasize their personal strengths while physical, mental, and emotional disabilities are offset through the association with one of our specially trained horses.  HHHH serves more than 50 clients each year ranging in age from 3 to 58. We service the needs of individual families with special needs as well as work with organizations like St. Rose Youth and Family Center and Portal Industries, Inc. Individuals with almost any cognitive, physical and/or emotional disability can benefit from purposeful, safe and supervised interaction with equines. See our resources/applications and testimonials. A horse’s three-dimensional movements very closely match that of the human gait. Remarkable improvements are seen in  balance, increased range of motion & improved muscle strength. HHHH clients realize many additional benefits: their self confidence soars, their muscles relax and a tight body lengthens by inches, they sleep better, and non-verbal children make sounds they normally don’t. 

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