HERO – Hendrick Equine Rehab Opportunities

Address: 1934 Hickory St
Abilene, TX 79602
Phone: (325) 670-6058 Email: mkirk@hendrickhealth.org Website: http://site.hendrickhealth.org/Rehab/RehabilitationandTherapyHEROProgram.aspx

Hippotherapy, the therapeutic discipline that encompasses the HERO program, is derived from the Greek word "hippos", and literally means "treatment with the help of the horse".

The horse's walk provides sensory input through movement which is variable, rhythmic and repetitive. This form of treatment is effective because the movements of the horse's pelvis are similar to the patient's. It is the quiet, swinging rhythm of the horse's back that exerts the positive influence on the patient. These movements improve strength, coordination, motor skills and stimulate the respiratory system and neurological activity.
The HERO program can positively improve balance, posture, mobility and function. It also can affect psychological, cognitive, behavioral and communication functions for patients of all ages.

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