Hillview Elementary School

Address: 3075 Teton
Ammon, ID 83406
Phone: (208) 525-4460 Fax: (208) 525-4461 Email: millerr@d93.k12.id.us Website: http://www.hillviewhuskies.org/

Hillview Elementary School, located in Ammon Idaho offers instruction for Grades 1-6, a Developmental Kindergarten Program and Special Education Program.  

Developmental Kindergarten Program
The developmental kindergarten programs in Bonneville Joint School District #93 are
district-wide programs located at Hillview, Ammon, and Cloverdale Elementary Schools.

The teachers in the classrooms follow the kindergarten curriculum guidelines and use the
same materials used in the other kindergartens. Children with disabilities are provided
extra support
from additional staff in the classrooms and through some direct instruction
during portions of the school day.

Our typical students:

– Have participated in the developmental preschools for 1-2 years and continue
to demonstrate significant disabilities.
– Have significant language delays that are not related to learning English as a
Second Language; or
– Have significant behavioral or social emotional delays (has difficultly
following rules, initiating and maintaining relationships with adults or other
children, and/or has difficulty regulating his/her emotions); or
– Have a specific disability such as cognitive impairment, cerebral palsy,
autism, physical disability requiring extra adult support to assist with
everyday life skills such as toileting, eating, dressing, etc.; or
– Have a significant delay in more than one of the following – pre-academic
skills, language, social-emotional, adaptive, or motor development.
– Require on-going, consistent support to gain new skills, maintain attention to
task, or assistance with daily life skills after the home school has attempted
many pre-referral interventions for 8 weeks or longer.

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