Holistic Learning Center

Address: 222 Westchester Avenue,, Suite 103
White Plains, NY 10604
Phone: (914) 793-9100 Website: http://www.holisticlc.com/

The Holistic Learning Center is a gentle center for children, caregivers, and professionals seeking strategies for cognitive/linguistic growth, increased sensory processing skills, and nutritional consultation. We are committed to the healing process, on any or all levels.

Our mission is to support families with their quest for knowledge as it relates to the health, nutrition, language, motor development, cognition, and social skills necessary for their children to reach maximum potential. We offer parent training, school district training, and ongoing staff development, and individualized treatment for children from birth through teens. Social groups and parent information groups are offered as well.

Holistic Learning Center Offers:

Educational evaluations for children birth-to-age 12

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children with learning disorders to include  Analysis of Verbal Behavior

Behavior Intervention Services

Caregiver and district staff training in such areas as functional behavior assessment/behavior management, ABA instructional methodology, language acquisition and verbal behavior, sensory integration for both OT and non-OT professionals

Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy evaluations and services

Listening Therapy for children with auditory processing disorders

Speech Therapy to include oral motor PROMPT techniques

Holistic Nutritional consultations to address dietary and lifestyle factors, Extensive nutritional and lifestyle report included. Food shopping outings available

Cranio Sacral Therapy for optimal development

Social Groups to promote peer play


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Holistic Learning Center:

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