HOP Special Transit Services

Address: 1309 MLK Jr. Blvd
Killeen, TX 76543
Phone: (254) 791-9601 Website: http://www.takethehop.com/index.html

Section 223 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires that public entities that operate non-commuter fixed route transportation services also provide complementary paratransit service for individuals unable to use the fixed route system. The HOP Special Transit Service (also referred to as Complementary Paratransit Service or Paratransit Service) is provided to those individuals with disabilities that are prevented from using the fixed route bus system for their particular trip needs.

Eligibility for complementary paratransit service is directly related to the inability of a person with a disability to use the existing fixed route system. The Special Transit Service (STS) of The HOP is designed to assist those qualified individuals who are unable to ride the fixed route bus system, including those who are unable to get to or from the system, or to board, ride, or disembark from the fixed route vehicles, which are fully accessible.  The Special Transit Service is only available for qualified individuals and a Personal Care Attendant, or one companion.  Additional companions may ride based on space availability. 

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