Hope Network (MI)

Address: 3375 South Division,
Grand Rapids,, MI 49501-0141
Phone: (616) 248-5900 Fax: (616) 2454843 Website: http://www.hopenetwork.org

Hope Network is a non-profit Christian organization founded in 1963 to empower people with disabilities or disadvantages to achieve their highest level of independence. With corporate offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Hope Network provides services in 240 locations, by 2,500 staff, to people in more than 75 counties. Hope Network serves about 20,000 people throughout Michigan.

A statewide, Michigan based organization. Our Mission is to enhance the dignity and independence of people who have a disability and/or disadvantage.

Programs and Services: Rehabilitation Services, Developmental Services, Behavioral Health, and Support Services.


Please visit our website or Contact Us for more information:

TDD: (616) 248-5161

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