Horizon Academy, (KS)

Address: 4901 Reinhardt Drive, Suite A
Roeland Parks, KS 66205
Phone: (913) 789-9443 Fax: (913) 789-8180 Email: info@horizon-academy.com Website: http://horizon-academy.org/

Horizon Academy is a specialized program to educate students with learning disabilities. Horizon Academy's goal is to help students with basic skills and to learn strategies so that they can successfully return to a traditional school. The student body is coeducational and serving students from first grade through high school. Students are funded privately either by parents or by local school districts.


Regular School Year Program (August – May):
Horizon Academy is a fully accredited private school serving students in grades 1-12. Our students have average or above average intelligence and yet they struggle within the academic environment. We use innovative instructional programs including research-based methodology along with strategic instruction and multi-sensory approaches that help students learn and compensate for their difficulties. An individual educational program is designed for each student that encompasses the whole child.

Our curriculum includes basic skills development, academic skills, social skills, and strategies; as well as technology training to work towards a successful transition back to a traditional school. Along with the intimate classroom setting with a student-staff ratio of no more than 6 to 1, Horizon Academy offers ancillary services including occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, counseling and physical, musical and artistic education.

Horizon Academy After School Programs:
Horizon Academy has several different after school activities geared to different interests which offer a great opportunity to develop friendships, learn new skills and have FUN! Sign ups are at the beginning of 1st semester and then again 2nd semester. Activities include Homework Club, Mad Science, Junior Master Gardeners, and many more. Contact us now to join one or several of our many After School Clubs.

Summer School (Month of June grades 1 – 8 and July grades 1 – 6):
The Summer School program mirrors the Horizon Academy program during the school year in a condensed time frame. The Summer School program runs four weeks straight during the month of June, Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., and again in the three weeks of July. During this time, students will have classes in reading, written and oral language, handwriting, math, and computers. Students will also work on learning strategies such as time management and social skills. In addition, Friday afternoons will be spent at the local swimming pool working on physical activity and social skills.

Summer Clinics:

June Clinics- Students will have to opportunity to participate in one or several clinics that are designed to build their skills in reading, study skills, and social skills. A clinic in American Sign Language will also be offered for students who wish to learn a new and different way to communicate.

July Clinics – Exploration Clinics will be offered the week of July 2 – 6 with no clinics being held on July 4th. These offerings will include cooking, drama and the PAWS Jr. dog training. Three Week Clinics will run from July 9 – 27 and will focus on reading, writing, math and study skills.

Horizon Academy Testing Center:
The Horizon Academy Testing Center provides comprehensive psycho-educational testing of learning issues, dyslexia, ADHD, and cognitive abilities in children and teens. Assessments at the Horizon Academy Testing Center are performed by Licensed Psychologist, Avner Stern, Ph.D. Dr. Stern received his doctorate from University of Missouri-Columbia in 1978 and completed the Postgraduate Diagnostic Program at the Menninger School of Psychiatry and Mental Health Sciences.
Assessment Areas Addressed:
Non-verbal Learning Disorder
Aspergers Syndrome
Evaluation of giftednessSchool placement

Our Thorough Assessments:
Determine why a person is struggling in school or at work
Help students and their families identify and understand the cognitive and academic strengths and problems that affect learning in school and college
Identify helpful teaching and learning strategies
Help determine appropriate accommodations for college, as well as ACTs, LSATs, MCATs and other board examinations


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