Hospital, Kearny County (KS)

Address: 500 Thorpe Street
Lakin,, KS 67860-0744
Phone: (620) 355-7111 Fax: (620) 3551527 Website:

Mission: "Provide quality, compassionate healthcare services for our community to enrich the lives of our families, friends and neighbors." Services include but are not limited to:

Physical Therapy Services
Aquatic Therapy

Cardiac Rehabilitation:
Cardiac rehab is a monitored exercise and educational program for patients with heart disease and those who are at risk for heart disease. Our program is under the direction of a physician and combines the expertise of several disciplines to best serve the patient. The cardiac rehab team includes a physician, nurse, dietary staff and respiratory therapist. The goal is focusing on improving the patients’ cardiac symptoms and quality of life.

Respiratory Therapy:
Our staff continually updates skills and education in order to provide the most current and effective treatment regimens for respiratory illnesses such as COPD, emphysema, asthma and bronchitis.

Kearny County Hospital Swing bed Unit: Kearny County Hospital has a Discharge Planner who will work with patients and families to plan for transition into home, assisted living or long term care. The Discharge Planner may assist in arranging a wide range of services that may be required to meet ongoing medical needs. These services may include home health care, medical equipment, meals on wheels or making appointments for follow up care with medical providers or outpatient services.
Skilled Swing Bed care includes:
Skilled Nursing Observation
Physical Therapy
Sterile Wound Management
IV Therapy
End of Life Care

Kearny County Home Health Agency:
Provides care in the comfort of the patient’s home, under the direction of a physician. The physician, nurse and patient work together to establish a plan of care that is developed and individualized for each client. Goals are more easily established using this approach, and assures greater success for the patient.
Services Available:
Skilled Nursing
Home Health Aide
Physical Therapy
Diabetic Teaching
Dressing Changes
End of Life Care

High Plains Retirement Village:
We are pleased to offer you choices and a quality of life you don't expect to find outside of your own home. We offer the following services to fit your individual health needs:

Special Care -Alzheimer’s Dementia- Unit – Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia requires patience, expertise and special treatment. Specialized staff provides individual care that enhances the quality of life for each resident by maximizing functioning and minimizing frustration. Our activities are based on the residents’ interest, cognition and physical abilities. We provide a safe and secure environment for residents while maintaining dignity and respect.

Respite Care & Adult Day Care Services

HPRV Activities – Activities within HPRV are an important part of maintaining the health and well being of our residents. Stimulating activities provide for a healthy mind and ad an extra sparkle to life here. Many residents enjoy taking part in their favorite activities with family and friends present. Activities include
Monthly Birthday parties
Musical groups and sing-a-longs
Outdoor activities
Trips (monthly movie outings)
Exercise classes
Celebration of various holidays
Religious Services
Grade School involvement
Library with large print books, books on tape, movies


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