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Scott County Hospital is dedicated to recognizing the value of every person, treating each with respect while promoting wellness and restoring health. We are a trained team of motivated and compassionate professionals utilizing modern facilities and developing comprehensive services. Services include but are not limited to:

Outpatient Services:
Blood and blood product transfusions
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiac Stress Tests
Chemotherapy Administration
Epidural Steroid Injections
Intramuscular and subcutaneous medication injections
Intravenous medications and fluid administration
Port-a-cath maintenance
Specialty Clinics
Synvisc Joint Injections

Home Health – Our home health serves the residents of Scott County and adjacent counties served by Scott County Hospital physicians. Home care services fall into 3 categories – Skilled Nursing, Home Health Aide services, and Restorative therapy.

Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses Provide: Physical Assessments, Client Teaching/Education, Wound Care, Blood Testing, Injections, Preventive health measures, Rehabilitative Nursing, Foot Care for Diabetics and others with circulatory problems, and Medication education and set up.

Home Health Aide Services Include: Bathing and Personal Hygiene, Meal Preparation, Exercises, Monitoring of Vital Signs, and run errands.

Restorative Therapy Includes: Physical Therapists/Assistants, Speech Therapists

Durable Medical Equipment – Equipment and supplies needed by the client will be provided, or assistance in obtaining necessary equipment or supplies is available.

Horizon Health Store: Horizon Health is a full-service home medical supply store. We carry a vast range of soft goods, ambulatory aids, bathroom products, maternity products, compression therapy, diabetic care including shoe, orthotics with trained fitters on staff. We offer diagnostic instruments, incontinence products, orthopedic supports, ostomy products, respiratory products, and urology and wound care. We have a mastectomy fitting room featuring trained fitters and offer a wide variety of brands.

Occupational Therapy : We assist patients in reaching their maximum level of function, while learning to live within the limits of their capabilities. Areas addressed by OT may include basic skills such as dressing, self-feeding, and toileting. Once these basic skills are achieved, other aspects of living such as getting back to work or hobbies may be addressed.

Physical Therapy: We offer physical modalities for pain relief, swelling relief, and muscle relaxation; and therapeutic exercises for improving joint mobility, muscle strength, cardio-vascular and muscle endurance, walking ability, and other functional limitations. Many of our patients receive directed programs for total joint replacements, sports injuries, back and neck injuries, stroke and neurological injuries, balance difficulties, wound care, and weakness and limited self-care from other diseases or surgery. Physician referral is required for physical therapy services.

Respiratory Therapy Services: Most people take breathing for granted. It is second nature and an involuntary reflex. But for those who suffer from breathing problems, each breath is a major effort. The people who suffer from breathing problems range from newborns to senior citizens. They suffer from chronic lung disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema. People with breathing problems might also include heart attack and accident victims, premature infants, and people with cystic fibrosis, lung cancer or AIDS.

Under the direction of a physician, respiratory therapy practitioners are the health care specialists who evaluate, treat, educate and care for patients with breathing disorders. Scott County Hospital’s registered and certified respiratory therapists administer aerosolized medication to alleviate breathing problems, provide oxygen therapy, or employ mechanical ventilation for treating individuals who cannot breathe adequately on their own.

Swing Bed – Skilled Care: A person needs skilled care when he/she has health problems that require daily skilled nursing care or other skilled rehabilitation services. These services must be medically necessary, and are determined by a Physician. To qualify for swing bed, the patient must have completed a 3-day hospital stay prior to admission. Admission to the swing bed unit must be within 30 days of discharge from an acute hospital. While in swing bed, further treatment of a condition treated in acute care must be provided. Skilled care means that you will receive supervision 24 hours a day in a comfortable and safe environment while benefiting from rehabilitation, activities, and other programs.

Speech Therapy: specializing in the evaluation and treatment of people who have speech, language, voice, fluency or swallowing disorders that affect their ability to communicate. Patients can receive directed programs for post CVA, or stroke survivors having difficulty communicating due to aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia or swallowing deficits.

Therapy may be provided as part of the treatment for head and neck cancer patients, traumatic brain injury, or progressive diseases such as Parkinson’s or ALS. Speech and language services can be provided to infants, toddlers, and school-aged children as well; who may be experiencing developmental delays, autism, auditory processing difficulties or perhaps has a medical condition affecting communication such as cleft palate. Services are provided on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. A physician’s order must be obtained for evaluation and treatment.

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