Human Services, Sedgwick County Division of (KS)

Address: 635 N. Main
Wichita,, KS 67203
Phone: (316) 660-7603 Fax: (316) 3837925 Email: Website:

The Human Services Division provides services directly or through contracts and supports a community environment that enhances a person's ability to live a productive life. The defined populations served within the Division are the disabled, people dealing with aging issues, or those whose behavior and actions are of concern to the community. The Division also has a prevention focus with funds and programs devoted to this area.
Public Safety
Move from institutions to the community
Prevention of institutional care, i.e., state hospital or nursing home, etc.
People served participate as a member of the community
People served are supported to reach their full potential

We accomplish these outcomes through:
Creative, innovative support and services
Best practices
Evidence-based approaches


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