Innovative Piano, Inc

Address: 60 Brookside Ave
Somerville, NJ 08876
Phone: (800) 997-7093 Email: Website:

Innovative Piano, Inc. was created in 2006 by Mr. Jeffrey Young, President and Founder of the company. The Young Method is sold worldwide and we provide piano lessons to families and organizations across the United States. The core goal of Innovative Piano is to provide effective piano instruction to individuals with developmental disabilities. We believe that every student is capable of progress and that they learn at their own rate. To help families and our teachers accomplish this goal, The Young Method series of piano instruction materials was created. These materials use basic, ABA style teaching techniques such as shaping, positive reinforcement and the systematic fading of prompts. Both ABA and classical piano style techniques used are clearly explained in each manual.

Because of the broad spectrum of individuals with autism that we serve, our teachers come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. A key step in the process of helping your student succeed at the piano is to pair them with a teacher that will fit their specific needs. While each student is unique, their performance data will allow us to shape the lesson plan and challenge them appropriately.

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