IPUT Informed Parents United Together For Autism

Address: 3807 Landings Way Drive
Tampa, FL 33624
Phone: (813) 340-3519 Email: iputtampabay@iput.org Website: http://iput.org/

At an individual local network level, we seek to educate parents and increase their advocacy for Inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in General Education environments.


"As a group of networks, we seek to support each other and to combine our voices to advocate for the inclusion of all children who are routinely seperated and segregated based on disability.
As a statewide coalition of networks, we seek the fundamental changes to the education system that are necessary if we are ever to achieve ""All Children, All Together, All the Time."" We seek to align ourselves with like-minded organizations and to advocate for the adoption of policies, legislation, and practices that support Universal Education."
Alternat website: http://iput.web.officelive.com/

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