IWR Therapy Systems

Address: 2048-A South Broad Street, Brookley Complex
Mobile, AL 36615-1285
Phone: (251) 433-1414 Fax: (251) 4339634 Website: http://www.iwrtherapysystems.com/

IWR Therapy Systems is an outpatient rehabilitation company established in 1990 with the goal of remaining independently owned and operated. Serving Mobile and the surrounding area with four convenient locations that are close to home, IWR Therapy Systems offers comprehensive Physical therapy programs to all patient populations, regardless of type of injury or illness. Our health care professional team provides independent, one on one care to all of our patients, whether that be returning to work, sports, or performing activities of daily living.
IWR Therapy Systems has 3 additional Alabama locations.  See webiste for details.

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