The Jack and Shirley Silver Center for Special Needs

Address: 334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th St
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 646.505.4444 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

We provide social and recreational programs with high staff-to-child ratios for ages 4-21, their siblings, and families in a fun, caring, and supportive environment.

Programs Include:

Sunday Programs – SUNDAY PROGRAMS Gymnastics: 4-7 Years Our gymnastics class for children with special needs gives participants the chance to move their bodies in fun and creative ways. It can help both boys and girls learn to control their muscles and gain a sense of body awareness. No prior experience necessary.

Swim: 5-29 Years Our focused swim classes for children, teens, and young adults with special needs feature small class sizes and dedicated instructors. Participants are placed in groups with swimmers at similar abilities. Contact for more information and to schedule an intake required for registration.

SibFun: 5-10 Years If you have a sibling with a disability you might feel like the only one. SibFun is a group where kids ages 5 to 10 can come to connect about the good and not-so-good parts about having a sibling with a disability while playing games and making new friends.

Boosti & After School Program – BOOST! 4–10 YEARS Boost! is a small, activity-based afterschool group for individuals on the autism spectrum or with other social, learning and communication differences. There is a high instructor to student ratio and peer “buddies” to facilitate age appropriate social interactions. Boost! provides a positive and fun environment for your children and teens to interact with peers and work on developing friendship skills. Through typical afterschool activities (e.g., board games, arts and crafts, cooking, music and movement), our dedicated staff coaches children and teens to initiate interactions with others, take turns, sustain conversation and learn about each other, as well as to employ self-regulation skills in a group setting.

Aquatics – SWIM LIKE A FISH Our learn-to-swim program creates confident, safe, and strong swimmers of varied abilities and ages. Our enthusiastic, experienced, and caring instructors take the most tentative swimmers and help them grow into technically sound “fish.” 5-14 Years This focused swim class for children with special needs features small class sizes and dedicated instructors. Children are placed in groups for ages 5-10 or 9-14, with swimmers of similar abilities.

Teens/Young Adults – This beginning swim class for teens and young adults with special needs focuses on basic swimming skills and strokes, including breathing technique and becoming comfortable in the water. We specialize in small class sizes and dedicated instructors for students of all ages. School Fair Teen Progrms

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