James E. Duckworth Regional Center (for students with disabilities)

Address: 11201 Evans Trail
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: (301) 572-0620 Fax: (301) 5720628 Email: jedworth@pgcps.org Website: http://www1.pgcps.org/jameseduckworth/

James E. Duckworth School is a public school in the Prince George’s County Public School System.  Duckworth serves students with moderate to severe disabilities ages 5 through 21 from the communities of Adelphi, College Park, Hyattsville, Laurel, Beltsville and Mt. Rainier.


Overview of the programs:


Autism – The autism classrooms at James E. Duckworth offer visually supported learning, small class sizes, small group instruction, individual skill enhancement, behavior support and respect for sensory differences. Students in the autism classes are encouraged to use a total communication approach to build language and communication skills. 


 Speech and Language Pathology- The Speech department works with classroom teams, students, staff and families to help maximize our students' ability to communicate their needs, wants and ideas and to access their educational program.  All services are delivered using the transdiciplinary service delivery model to make sure that students' goals are addressed throughout the school day.  Communication is our goal and we encourage students to use all strategies that they might need– gestures, body language, signs, vocalizations, verbalizations, photos, pictures, picture symbols, written words, etc. to get their point across.


Adapted Physical Education – Classes are specifically designed to help students to improve their locomotor, object control, socialization, and mobility as they participate in lifelong fitness activities.  Equipment, rules, and activities are modified so that every student can be safe and successful during class.


Vocational – Students go into the community to work throughout the week.  Job sites include Walmart, Burlington Coat Factory, and many more.  Students learn to sort, greet customers, clean, and so much more!  Vocational tasks within the school include shredding paper, cleaning, delivering papers, and collecting the recycling.


Physical Therapy – Services are delivered to the students via an educational model.  These services help the students gain access to their instructional environment throughout the day.  Students are provided gait trainers, rifton chairs, easy standers, mobile prone standers and many other pieces of equipment to encourage active participation in and out of the classroom.


MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education)® – helps children with disabilities:

Acquire increased independence in sitting, standing and walking.
Learn and gain more mobility, and
Experience better health and enhanced personal dignity. 


Occupational Therapists – Provide services and support team members in implementing specific intervention techniques that will enhance emerging skills or participation of the child in their daily routine and may address:
– fine and gross motor skills
– sensory regulation skills
– self care/management skills
– accessing the curriculum
– accessibility
– use of strategies to enhance classroom instruction
– adjustment/modification of activity demands  


Adapted Aquatics- is a very important part of our program here at Duckworth. Our students work on Red Cross swim skills which include water adjustment, beginner, and Special Olympic training skills.  Our students with orthopedic impairments work on aquatic exercises such as range of motion, weight bearing and ambulation while in the aquatic environment.


Community Based Instruction (CBI) – Students are given the opportunity to participate in instruction in the community.  Students have visited locations such as grocery stores, parks, shopping centers, and museums to enhance their daily living and instructional needs. 


At James E. Duckworth School we have the following:

  • Mentoring programs with neighboring private and public schools. 
  • Adapted math, language arts,science, and social studies curriculum that is aligned with the on grade level general education curriculum.   
  • Infused augmentative and alternative communication. 
  • Community based curriculum, which emphasizes practical life skills taught in natural environments. 
  • Specialized programs for students diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) or Autism. 
  • First to hold Special Olympics “Challenge Day” in the State of Maryland, which is held annually in May. 
  • Vocational training program with community job placements and in-school workshop.
  • Arts Partners mentoring program with non-disabled peers that highlights the arts with a multicultural theme. 


James E. Duckworth Location:


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