Jean Garvin School

Address: 208 Flynn Avenue, Suite 3J, Howard Center
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 488-6000 Fax: (802) 4886901 Website:

We have been serving the therapeutic and academic needs of youth ages 12-17 in Chittenden County, Vermont, since 1997. Our mission: To provide an educational program offering unique learning opportunities to inspire personal change and well-being. We provide school social work services and home-school coordination, as well as multiple supports to students and families in order to foster growth, success and improved quality of life. Students spend time each day learning the skills necessary for improved mental health and well-being. Our clinical staff is dedicated to teaching students the necessary skills to cope with challenges and to identify personal success. We focus on helping students and their families get unstuck and back to enjoying life! Ages 12-16 years, grades 7-10. Services include intensive special education, therapeutic behavioral intervention and treatment, psychiatric/psychological consultation, pro-social skills training, and family work. Please call Intake at 802.488.6600 for more information.

TTY: 802-488-6001

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