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Charlotte, NC 28246
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For over 40 years, Janet, Janet & Suggs’ medical and legal teams have uncovered the truth and found justice for those severely harmed by the negligence of others. The firm’s thoroughness, dead-on analysis, and courage gives our clients the ability to exercise ‘The Power of No’and reject tempting offers that, in reality, fall short of the settlements they deserve and will need.

Our clients range from families and individuals to communities and corporations. All have been caught in unexpected and often tragic events. A mismanaged birth results in cerebral palsy. A medical condition is misdiagnosed. An FDA-approved medical device or drug—that should never have been allowed on the market—seriously harms thousands of people. A child has been exploited by an authority figure and institutional indifference. Toxic waste puts a community’s health and property at risk. A business is victimized by deceitful behavior of another company. We have successfully handled cases in almost every state and practice nationwide on a Pro Hac Vice basis.

We are proud supporters of Cerebral Palsy Family Network and the work they do to help all families of children with cerebral palsy.

Was Your Child's CP Preventable?