Josie Davenport at Reaching to Learn – Resources for Special Needs Kids

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Reaching To Learn
As a certified practitioner of the Anat Baniel Method for Children, I guide children verbally and with my hands to help them feel easy possibilities for volitional movement. As they follow their own curiosity they have spontaneous outcomes. Families learn new ways to assist their child’s learning by building on each new success.

Services Include
The Anat Baniel Method for Children℠ (ABM)
The Anat Baniel MethodSM is my primary method for children. Everything else that I do is incorporated into or associated with this. The Anat Baniel Method (ABM) for ChildrenSM Reflex Integration – In my work, I find that Masgutova Neurosensorymotor Reflex Integration, MNRI, can be a helpful adjunct to the Anat Baniel MethodSM. I use Reflex Integration regularly to help infants who have difficulty grasping, leaning on their hands, arching the upper spine, and alligator crawling using their feet and toes. Nurturing Touch & Developmental Movement Lessons CranioSacral Balancing

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