The Joy of Music – Music Therapy Provider

Address: 305 W Main St, Suite D
Washington, IA 52353
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Company Overview
Music therapy is using music as the means to make progress in non-music related areas of our lives. Music Therapy was recognized and the National Association of Music Therapy (later renamed the American Music Therapy Association) was formed to develop standards for university-level education and board-certification. Despite it’s long history, many are unaware of the significant benefits music therapy offers.

We, (board-certified music therapists) use music as our main tool where clients aim to improve in physical, social, emotional, cognitive, physical and/or behavioral ability.

The Joy of Music is located in rural Iowa and it is our mission to provide the best, most current music therapy services to those in our region of the Midwest. We are founded on integrity and strive to provide the changing and growing needs of our community.

Music Therapy Sessions
– Individual Music Therapy is provided in a one-to-one setting with the client and the therapist. Personalized attention and interventions ensure attention to specific needs.
– Group Music Therapy is available for groups of 3 to 12 individuals. More opportunities for socialization and peer interaction are available in this setting.

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